Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture





AG Women / Fruit and Veg

AG Women

IWCA Q&A: Surviving the valleys

How Manitoba Ag Days general manager Kristen Phillips balances farm and family while succeeding through the highs and lows.

AG Women / top crop

AG Women

IWCA series: Tina Widowski

Professor Tina M. Widowski has spent more than 25 years investigating the factors that affect the well-being of poultry and livestock. Collaborating with academic leaders including Temple Grandin and Ian Duncan, her extensive research and authorship has included findings on

AG Women / Poultry

AG Women

Who’s Who 2020 – B.C. – Bev Whitta

Broiler producer promotes chicken with passion on Vancouver Island.

AG Women / Potatoes

AG Women

The Little Potato Company’s Easy Sides wins best new product at CPMA 2020 awards

The Little Potato Company’s almost-ready creamer potato side dishes

AG Women / Manure Manager

AG Women

Q&A: How the USDA’s agricultural air quality task force has evolved

In the 25 years since the USDA agricultural air quality task force was first formed, it has evolved to address the most pressing challenges in balancing air quality and agricultural practices.