Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture


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AG Women / Fruit and Veg

AG Women

Q&A: Communicating with consumers

Kelly Daynard with Farm and Food Care shares tips on how farmers can talk to consumers.

AG Women / top crop

AG Women

IWCA Series: Karen Schuett

Karen Schuett, co-founder and CEO of Livestock Water Recycling (LWR), is a highly regarded manure expert. Her Calgary-based agtech company has developed one of the global livestock industry’s most sought-after manure treatment innovations. In pursuing her work towards lagoon-free food,

AG Women / Poultry

AG Women

Who’s Who – B.C. – Bev Whitta

Broiler producer promotes chicken with passion on Vancouver Island.

AG Women / Potatoes

AG Women

The Little Potato Company’s Easy Sides wins best new product at CPMA 2020 awards

The Little Potato Company’s almost-ready creamer potato side dishes

AG Women / Manure Manager

AG Women

Q&A: Livestock Water Recycling on the future of manure

Adding manure to the circular economy.