Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture

Influential Women in Agriculture Summit 2021
October 19, 2021 at 12:00pm ET

Establishing and advancing your personal brand


  • Andrea McKenna
  • Tina Widowski
  • Noura Ziadi
How can those starting out in agriculture find their niche, grow their skills and capitalize on relevant opportunities? And what responsibility do more established ag professionals have in helping others develop their careers?

Andrea McKenna
Farm operator, advocate and more, Andrea McKenna has had her finger on the pulse of the issues faced by farm owners and operators in Atlantic Canada for more than a decade. As a founding member and general manager of the East Prince Agri-Environment Association, Andrea works with farmers in the area to ensure that their practices are sustainable for future generations. With an MBA from University of PEI in hand, Andrea also applies her business knowledge and passion for agriculture to her family farm and vegetable business, Bunny Burrow Vegetable Co., and runs day-to-day administrative responsibilities for Dialed-In Precision Ag services.

Tina Widowski
As an animal welfare scientist, professor Tina M. Widowski is known widely in the world of Canadian poultry. For more than 25 years, she’s been investigating how the well-being of poultry and livestock is affected by housing, transportation and management. That research has generated more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters, and more than 200 abstracts and proceedings. She’s also co-authored numerous papers with globally known animal welfare researchers Temple Grandin and professor Ian Duncan. Besides how animal conditions play out on the farm, her research has also touched on consumer behaviour and how Canadian shoppers are likely to respond with their wallets to enhanced farm conditions.Since 2014, she has served as the Egg Farmers of Canada research chair in poultry welfare.

Noura Ziadi
Noura Ziadi has her boots firmly planted in the soil. She’s worked as a research scientist in soil fertility and plant nutrition with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at the Quebec Research and Development Centre since 1999, where she has led the Soil Fertility research lab since 2003. She has engaged in multidisciplinary research over the years, is an adjunct professor at Laval University, and consults with industry groups within Canada and internationally.